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 founded in 2013, is located in the center of Beijing executive vice - tongzhou district of Beijing, is a product research and development, production and sales in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises. Hk's vast since its inception, focused on industry synchronized video recording series products of political science and law, criminal technology series products of technological equipment and minor department comprehensive administrative office products production and marketing services; At the same time, also for prosecution, the public security units, such as construction of the new law enforcement working places to provide integrated solutions. In 2015, to expand the company's business to more users to provide more quality products and services, companies invest a lot of money and manpower to focus on developing digital management system forCD\ DVD and intelligent cd-rom cabinet, etc. Series of products, for the courts, government, army, confidentiality, image files, education and media industry such as increasing amounts of synchronized video recording, archives and classified data CD to provide efficient storage and scientific management integration services.

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