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the latest intelligent cd-rom cabinet debut

2016-10-22 17:16:57 Beijing BaiTaiHaoHan Technology Co.Ltd Read

On August 19, 2016, 2 days of the 2016 national procuratorial technology and equipment exhibition "officially ended, more than 100 from the national procuratorial system's procuratorate unit representatives gathered in Beijing, together witness the procuratorial feast of science and technology in 2016, and a complete success.

Beijing's vast technology co., LTD. As for the first time the exhibitors, starting with the product - digital management system for CD and intelligent cd-rom cabinet series products at procuratorial technology exhibition, large stage, at the fair, somewhere in procuratorate customers also directly to our company to attend work under the purchase order of the digital management system for CD, hk's vast digital management system for CD series product appearance, by the people's procuratorate system the guests and procuratorial equipment industry enterprise delegates' consistent high praise and praise! Hk's vast science and technology for the first time to participate in the national important equipment exhibition, there are still many deficiencies, we look forward to in next year's procuratorial technology equipment exhibition on presenting to you a new different hk's vast!

Thank you very much for all to visit and focus on Thai vast technology official WeChat public leaders and guests, welcome procuratorial technology and equipment exhibition next time you come to hk's vast science and technology the booth! We look forward to, in the days that followed, hk's vast digital management system for CD bring convenience and can work for you help, hk's vast technology will serve you wholeheartedly!

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