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    CD print recorder

    • SDC-I
    • Brand :Baitaihaohan
    • Weight:150kg

    Burning CD printing all-in-one

    1. Detailed information

    Product main features:

    L automatic 20, 50 and 100 CD optional mass burn and printing

    Up to 4800 dpi x l color print resolution 4800 dpi, photo print quality level

    L 1 integrated the latest DVD + R/CD - R disc burners

    L CD printing speed: 6 seconds/zhang, 150 zhang/hour (high quality print pattern)

    L CD printing and burn rate: 12 DVD/hour; 20 pieces of CD/hour

    L burners burn rate: DVD + R: 24 x; DVD + R DL: 12 x; Cd-r: 48 x

    L CMYK four-color independent split type cartridge design (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

    L print head which is fixed design, easy to maintenance and replacement

    L the latest Primera seventh generation AccuDisc ™ automatic intelligent robots take plate technology patent

    L high-speed stepper motor drive intelligent robotic arm microprocessor, disc transmission speed is 3 times of the industry of similar products

    L built-in blue LED lamp, real-time monitoring equipment working condition

    L blu-ray disc print recorder interface, using data hookup to truly achieve the blu-ray disc 12 x burn at a high speed

    L simplified Chinese PTPublisher disc printed ones, provide free PTburn SDK software development kit

    L is compatible with Windows XP/Vista / 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 or higher operating system

    Technical parameters:

    The product name

    CD print recorder


    Bravo Se, Bravo, Bravo, 4051, 4051

    The main features

    The CD capacity

    Automatic 50 pieces of CD input/output

    Mechanical arm

    The high-speed mechanical arm microprocessor stepper motor driver

    The plate technique

    Seventh generation AccuDisc ™ fully automatic intelligent robots take plate technology

    CD printing speed

    6 seconds/plate; 150 / hour

    Burning CD printing speed

    DVD - R: 12 pieces/hour; Cd-r: 20 pieces/hour

    The compact disc printing characteristics

    Way of print


    The print head

    Half fixed type, the user can change

    Print resolution

    Up to 4800 dpi; In the driver adjustable print resolution and cd-rom disk size

    Maximum print width

    120 mm

    The cartridge

    Independent split type high-capacity ink cartridges (CMYK) : cyan, magenta, yellow, black


    16.7 million color and black

    The color scheme

    Contains Primera Z - Color ™ Color scheme

    Support media

    Can print CD, including (BD - R, DVD + R, CD - R; ordinary or waterproof can print CD)

    Special disc

    Support (need to choose and buy business card cd-rom suite)

    Ink capacity of tip

    Recently based on printed ink used a CD disk capacity, calculate the residual ink cartridges can print quantity

    Copy CD technology features

    Number of burners

    To integrate a new DVD + R/cd-r burners

    Burn rate

    DVD + R: 24 x; DVD + R DL: 12 x; Cd-r: 48 x

    Burn the CD format

    DVD, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD + DL

    CD, cd-r, cd-rw, CD - Audio (CD - DA), Video - CD, MP3 to CD - Audio, and all the industry standard CD format

    Cd-rom file system

    ISO 9660; UDF 1.02; Joliet


    Support DVD/CD replication automatically, automatic production/burn disc image file

    The software features

    The operating system

    PC: Windows XP/Vista / 7/8; Mac: OS X v10.6 or higher, contains two of the operating system software

    CD manufacturing software

    PC: PTPublisher ™ simplified Chinese CD manufacturing software, SureThing ™ CD Label Primera Edition simplified Chinese disk design software

    Mac: PTPublisher ™ CD manufacturing software, Disc Cover disk design software

    The SDK development kit

    Provide free PTBurn, PTRobot two SDK software development kit

    A network share

    Optional Software PTPublisher can be simplified Chinese network CD manufacturing Software

    The data backup archive

    Automatic plan task will data backup file to CD/DVD/BD (25 g or g) 50 discs

    Hardware specifications features

    Data interface

    A USB 2.0 interface

    Indicator light

    External: the power lamp

    Internal: built-in blue LED lamp, real-time monitoring equipment working condition

    The minimum system configuration (PC)

    Intel Celeron or higher processor, 512 MB or larger, USB 2.0 interface, 10 gb disk space

    The minimum system configuration (Mac)

    PowerPC 1 GHZ or higher processor, 1 gb of memory or larger, USB 2.0 interface, 10 gb disk space

    The power supply

    Voltage: 100-240 - v frequency: 50/60 hz, 5.0 A

    The weight of the

    26 LBS. (11.8 Kg)


    17.8 "W x 11" x 17.5 "H D (MMH MMW 452 x 452 x 452 MMD)

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