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    smart light disk cabinet

    • SDC-I
    • Brand :Baitaihaohan
    • Weight:150kg

    smart light disk cabinet

    1. Detailed information


    Product introduction: 1,

    Cd-rom for use and storage capacity increasing of users, the disc and cover stock of large, complex find trouble, time-consuming fee people effort, traditional CD cabinet has far cannot satisfy the need. Previous old CD cabinet only class file cabinet nature, can only provide a storage place for CD, no digital management system, special problems such as small or storage. To meet the CD unit using the demand for CD storage, management and preservation, CD and aiming at the user's specific needs and the problem of insufficient old CD cabinet performance characteristics, my company r &d and production of intelligent CD storage tank and digital management system for CD products professional high efficiency, large storage, intelligent management, digital display, can effectively solve these problems.

    2, the product features:

    Original LCD screen synchronous display technology, the LCD panel and control computer real time synchronization, through the ark cabinet put oneself in another's position outside the LCD panel can not only understand the CD storage capacity, store and display access different disc type disc position, also can give digital management system for CD receive feedback instruction, make a CD access work more simple and convenient;

    Low original double indicator lights and digital coding, make the disc access and more scientific and accurate positioning;

    Original disc bit style custom function, can according to customer's specific needs, customized different style of CD storage device, make the disc bit the diversification, the maximum meet the needs of different customers;

    Large capacity, low with industry leading single tank can store 4800 CDS at least;

    Low cabinet put oneself in another's position USES the high quality cold rolled steel version of the 1.5 mm thick, make cabinet put oneself in another's position more security firm;

    Low cabinet put oneself in another's position is fully sealed high antimagnetic design, realize the magnetic dust proof moistureproof prevent light, can more effectively protect the disc, prolong the service life of disc;

    Low cabinet put oneself in another's position structure according to the structure of industrial design, the outward appearance accord with human body engineering principle, simple and easy, high volume expansibility

    3, applicable industry: courts, government, army, confidentiality, archives, scientific research, film &tv and education, etc

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