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    Digital compact disc management software

    • SDC-I
    • Brand :Baitaihaohan
    • Weight:150kg

    smart light disk cabinet,Digital compact disc management software

    1. Detailed information

    System features:

    Landing system interface is friendly and generous, simple and pure and fresh;

    Fool low operating system is designed, make it easier to use

    Low system with functions of printing, print CD inbound and outbound information registration form a key completion;

    System has a powerful statistical analysis, statistical analysis can classify discs rolls all related, more advanced intelligent;

    System with advanced query retrieval function, can query the case name, number, suspect name for accurate case keywords related to rapid locating, efficient and convenient;

    Low system has lent overdue automatic remind function, prevent loss of disc file, shall be investigated for relevant personnel responsibility;

    System Settings has a variety of application of option modules, different users can choose flexible corresponding industry distinguished name, the user use more specialty;

    System has the user permission management function, the administrator can add, delete and modify the user information, set up the user access, ensure the CD file information storage is more security;

    Low system adopts B/S and C/S module combination, can be use architecture multilevel management platform;

    Low system powerful, single system can control the infinite target CD cabinet, forming a huge CD library;

    VB programming language, stable operation, easy maintenance, can according to customer's demand for secondary development.


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