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    Interrogation production management software

    • SDC-I
    • Brand :Baitaihaohan
    • Weight:150kg

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    1. Detailed information

    Interrogation production management software is a fast, convenient and clean production of public security, procuratorial organs - asked (ask) records, criminal, administrative interrogation record of making software, such as interrogation production management software is widely used in public security, fire control, customs, procuratorial organs, such as minor law enforcement agencies.

    (1) and product function characteristics:

    1, the commonly used the record:

    Can make the record: interrogation, criminal inquiry, administrative inquiry, question the witnesses and report the record, the police interrogation, conversation records, grilled on the spot, continue to cross-examine, provide historical data query to modify browse function, the system has complete data exchange function.

    2, special record of production:

    Can make the record: experiment to identify the record, review review, investigation, inspection record, field survey, search the record, and health inspection records, an inquest check, told the record, extraction, the Internet surveillance site investigation records of inspection. Provide historical data query to modify browse function.

    3, the production of petition report:

    Can make petition report cover all public security case investigation, provides the user, modify function is added to self setting petition formats include: standard report, legal petition petition petition, three column report three formats.

    4, criminal cases of accepting cases the registration form of production management functions;

    5, administrative cases of accepting cases the registration form of production management functions;

    6, administrative cases form of production management functions;

    (2), other features:

    1, automatic compared to the country at large database function;

    2, can be customized electronic original signature function, the record system can dock with the electronic pen, the record after the completion of the direct individual confirmation signature on electronic records system;

    2, synchronized video recording function;

    3, speech synthesis function;

    4, hash value calculation (special);

    5, permissions, strategy management functions;

    6, id date efficacy function;

    Second, the operation environment

    Simplified Chinese Windows 95 (IE5.0 above) / 98 / NT / 2000 / Me/XP

    Low minimum

    CPU: pentium 166 above

    32 MB of memory:

    16 VGA display card: standards

    Hard disk: all installed 150 MB

    More than a cd-rom drive: times speed

    Other equipment: the mouse, the sound card

    Low suggested configuration

    CPU: pentium 200 or higher

    Memory: 64 MB

    Display card: SVGA, 16 more than true color display mode

    Resolution: 1204 x768 pixels or higher

    Sound: 16-bit sound card

    Other equipment: the mouse, headset

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