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    Hd portable synchronized video recording equipment

    • SDC-I
    • Brand :Baitaihaohan
    • Weight:150kg

    The latest advanced portable synchronized video recording equipment

    1. Detailed information

    Product introduction: 1,

    1. Has four (4) hd SDI signal path above, 1080 p video input, using USB interface pattern (an interface including hd audio and video signals, power supply), line 2 RCA audio input interface, number 1 HDMI input interface input interface; Can be synchronous switching of front-end sound and video source and editorial

    2. The built-in 1080 p hd camera equipment, and high sensitive pick-up, can the sound, video source synchronous switch and editorial.

    3. The equipment support for Windows, Linux system, the two systems can be run at the same time and quickly switch. Can connect printers, scanners, etc. Using integrated design.

    4. Equipment drive free disassembly type design, you don't have to open the body to quickly replace the drive.

    5. Equipment built 12 inches (including) above full hd screen, the screen resolution of 1920 * 1080, display copy CD remaining time, hard disk video working condition.

    Each channel 6. Device can support single picture, picture in picture, four, three picture display mode.

    7. Equipment video coding h. 264, High Profile, H265 video coding standard.

    Built-in double drive, 8. Equipment will be the scene of the trial (interrogation) audio and video information, real-time synchronization directly burn in CD. Effectiveness and automatic formatting and inspection prior to burn CD, does not meet the requirements of the burn CD automatic pop-up, automatic rotary header after burn.

    9. Built-in 500 g hard drive equipment, audio and video information, present at the scene of interrogation, interrogation real-time synchronization backup, ensure the data storage, information security support SD card inserted, at the same time support real-time synchronous burn external mobile hard disk

    10. Hard disk USES free disassembly type design, you don't have to open the body remove the hard drive. Convenient and replace the hard drive, ensuring the security of the hard disk data storage.

    11. The equipment adopts double drive, supports straight carved, single, double support 4.7 G 8.5 G real-time recording. Use the standard 4.7 G capacity DVDS, burn time 1 hour to choose 24 hours a day.

    12. Equipment support hash value calculation, CD stopped after the generated hash value is the only video files, and written to the disc, and to ensure that the two CD video file content is consistent, can be acquired quickly, burn the CD shall not modify, and delete data.

    13. The equipment the built-in hd evidence acquisition module, can support 1280 x 1024, 1920 x 1920 resolution, and no less than 25 FPS video evidence collection.

    14. Equipment support synthetic image 1920 x 1080, no less than 25 FPS hd resolution carved straight.

    15. Device support web page for equipment working status monitoring, and control the recording, etc.

    16. Video equipment can be set up regularly, can also set the first drive the recording time, the second drive when the first drive close to the rotary header, automatically start to burn.

    17. Simulated equipment support audio signal into dynamic visual graphics, synchronous display in the video screen, can understand the audio information collection status immediately.

    18. The device can be adjusted flexible display content background, color, location, time, etc.

    19. The device with a built-in fonts, wubi, strokes and pinyin input method, convenient input case number, name of the case, investigators, working place, such as those involved in the information can be superimposed on the video screen, display the length can be set.

    20. Equipment support double record system, can make the record through the IE browser, can also from the third party computer, directly on the machine.

    21. The equipment can be directly in the machine play CD video, provide pause, fast forward, and other functions.

    22. The equipment recorded video for *. TS common format, general player can play, convenient court in use. Audio and video single file burn stored to ensure that the CD continuity, general video format file records, can use QQ video, such as storm video MEDIA PLAYER PLAYER playing.

    23. Device recorded video can also be set up to support encryption video format, burn the files need to enter a password before can play.

    24. The burn inside integrated professional disc player without direct broadcast installation, dedicated player can query the trial key tag, click on the tag, key marker quickly locate the video player. Can in the computer without any player can still, play CD and locate the key quickly, save for the key time.

    25. In the process of the straight carved, can burn the disc interrogation record and custom files (such as pictures, video evidence) burn to CD inside at the same time, ensure the integrity of their evidence and record.

    26. You can choose the hard disk video video guide by double disc at the same moment, immediately fill carved two CDS, carved up, without the need for a compact disc to mend a carved CD time reduced to single drive 1\2 hour time, improve the efficiency of repair carved discs.

    27. Within the recordable to hard disk on a single video files can be selectively shear, and the necessary part for mute block shear. In the absence of start formal trial video content is meaningless and occupy the disc capacity, can be achieved by shearing equipment, video moment of useful to CD.

    28. The hard disk video index key tag, when screening equipment, can select the key tag, the device will automatically positioning to the interrogation mark time for play.

    29. The support network to support the international standard RTSP, RTMP protocol, convenient and compatible with all kinds of monitoring system, and utilization of the city, the provincial networking. Provide the RTSP protocol connection address, through the VLC (online) downloadable software connection test.

    30. With video conferencing terminals on h. 323 protocol, can be directly call communication with video conferencing terminals. Have remote arraigned function, can realize the bidirectional audio and video transmission between two devices. Between two devices, do not need through the conference equipment can realize remote function, and remand the case to support remote two-way audio and video calls, realize remote arraigned functions.

    31. The WPS record software embedded devices, for the record, support custom templates, support a quick quiz. Can uploaded to burn in CD, a key support for fast printing, based on the word, common procedures, such as WPS accord with operating habits.

    32. The record software scanners can be connected through the id card, id card information added to the record template.

    33. Devices can be connected high shoot apparatus was scanned file.

    34. The device can provide WEB service, the user through a browser can watch trial (interrogation) remote real-time scene scene, and can be one-way and front-end interrogation, interrogation personnel voice intercom, built-in record module at the same time, provide the written WORD record operation, and upload them to copy CD.

    35. Device built-in high sensitivity to temperature and humidity detection module, real time read the environmental testing equipment information in the interrogation room, superposition to video screen.

    36. The device can prevent the interrogation caused by the influence of the outside world in the process of using the synchronous burn data loss. Accident to restart the power after, don't need to replace the CD, the original CD in the hard disk guide carved way back, to ensure the reliability of the data CD.

    37. The device with a built-in standard 88 - key laptop keyboard, and mouse touchpad, support external mouse input, the USB device with at least 4 road.

    38. Equipment with at least 2 road 100 MBPS / 1000 MBPS adaptive front-end ports, support network expansion application.

    39, the range of equipment working environment: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ 0 ~ 95% relative humidity.

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