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    File class CD detector

    • SDC-I
    • Brand :Baitaihaohan
    • Weight:150kg

    Optical detector,File class CD detector,Special disc detector of politics and law

    1. Detailed information

    Introduction to the

    Archives discs detector USES the international related test drive industry designated professional PHILIPS CD and embedded special testing software CD. Testing project according to the records of the People's Republic of China industry standard DA/T38-2008, and with reference to the press and publication of the People's Republic of China industry standard CY/T38-2007, the press and publication industry standard of the People's Republic of China CY/T41-2007, CD international standard ECMA - 349, ECMA - 359, such as disc standard ECMA - 394 file. Test parameters by standard test disc check. 16 for blank CD and fully tested for hour before optimizing blank discs, ensure smooth burn. 13 for CD carved after comprehensive testing, ensure the security of the CD data integrity.

    File disc detector is equipped with 7 inch TFT color touch screen and USB common interface. Touch screen display, working mode and test result by touch screen touch button can quickly select work mode. Are connected to the computer USB interface can be printed or saved test report and inspection report to the TEXT and EXCEL format, file optical detector is equipped with process inspection report, real-time output test results of each test area is easy to understand the physical location of fault point on the CD.

    Archives optical detector has the CD file management functions, CD automatically generated after the test, save and monitoring review date, remind expires and display the CD listing. CD retest after, automatically update due date and review of the list.

    Working mode

    There are five files CD detector working mode:

    1) CD information detection: read the disc type, capacity, data capacity, burn rate, CD information read speed, etc.

    2) regular detection: blank discs carved before testing and related filed after daily inspection.

    3) detected before filing: burning CD for the first time after filing before detection.

    4) experts detection: for professionals to analyze optical performance.

    5) complete scan: a quick scan of CD data integrity detection.

    Product features

    1. The introduction of international CD tests specified in the Philips professional disc test drive and embedded special testing software CD, stable and reliable performance.

    2. Not drive + computer architecture, operating without a computer, don't have a computer virus, more don't have to worry about the CD data leaks.

    3. The single machine can work independently, display touch screen and the LED display working mode and test results.

    4. The USB interface to connect the computer to print or save the form (EXCEL) and TEXT (TEXT) two formats of inspection report.

    5. Real-time detection results output process, lock the physical location of disc problem area.

    6. 16 blank disc parameters testing, to ensure smooth burn; 13 carved after the CD parameters testing, ensure the security of the CD data is complete,

    7. Automatically identify the CD, DVD, CD after blank discs and carved, a key complete parameter, easy operation.

    8. Expire automatically remind CD review, automatic archive management.

    9. Touch the button can be quickly switch four work modes.

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